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      Healthy, Quality King Charles Cavalier Spaniels

 This breed is so exceptional! With their love and dedication to their owners, they surpass the rest. They possess a tolerance not seen in other breeds. They are the perfect lap dog and companion! They have been used as therapy dogs for years with incredible success, due to their unconditional love, and acceptance of people and situations.The perfect size! Not too small, but not too big either.They sleep most of the day, but perk up to see you and join you in whatever you want to do. It is no wonder they were the pick of Royalty!

 Each and every one of you have a story. A unique and special story. Whether new to the breed or an old fan, I want to hear all about it. Whether in the show ring or family lap warmer, I love to know where my babies go and get a feel for the families calling them their own. You are important to me and I would love to hear your story. After all you are extended family. Your happiness makes this all worth it. 


 We are a small family, in home breeder of AKC/FCI registered, OFA certified heart cleared Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Only five of these incredible creatures live in my home. I own other cavaliers that we breed, but want them to have the life of a pet first and foremost. This is where our in-home breeding program comes into play. We have four others we breed, but they live with friends and family close by. Their comfort and happiness is number ONE! I feel strongly that they need to be a pet before they are anything else. I believe we can preserve the breed without compromising the well being of the very animals who service us. Life is short, their health and happiness is my main goal.

We are located on Cape Ann in Massachusetts, in a small dog friendly town on the ocean. We have over 20 years experience breeding and imprinting animals. (horses and dogs)  We love our dogs and they are all spoiled, happy, social, friendly animals. Exceptional dispositions and temperaments are just part of who they are. Our dogs are exercised, and allowed to be off leash on the beach, in the woods, on groomed trails, and in a fenced yard daily. We play with all our dogs and they are accustomed to sleeping with people and lounging on the furniture and in our laps.The fur on the furniture will prove that. They are in our home 24/7 around children and other pets constantly. We completely cherish them.They truly are a part of our family and we hope you chose to make one part of yours.

My promise to you: Our dogs are from multiple outstanding AKC and FCI Champion lines. They are happy, healthy, top quality, registered pets that produce incredible pet and show quality pups. They are carefully screened and exceptional examples of the breed, hand picked, registered, vet certified, micro chipped for identification to prove they are clear of genetic defect.Their gorgeous babies will come to you spoiled, healthy, happy, socialized and fairly priced and vet cleared.

We offer a lifetime of support to all our Cavalier families and   a 5 year genetic health guarantee. WE OFFER THIS NOT BECAUSE WE THINK YOU WILL NEED IT, BUT BECAUSE WE KNOW YOU WON'T...We are confident we offer the best and you deserve it.

King Charles dubbed these dogs worthy of his name, gave them preferential treatment, and adorned his castle with many of them for good reason. This is the best companion breed the world has to offer. Adorn your castle with one of the best breeds around..............




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Our Vet is Dr Jackie Watson DVM at Farms Vet Clinic. They have worked closely with us on every litter. OUR ultrasound specialist is Animal Ultrasound Clinic in Salem and our emercency vet is Woburn Referal Animal Hospital.

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