Brookside Cavalier

from our home to yours

In-home Breeding Program

We believe every dog is special, and should be a pet first. Their comfort and happiness is paramount, and I believe our puppies reflect the comfort level of their moms. We have been blessed to have so many dogs that we never over breed but to keep our level of standard we only keep 5 dogs at our home. Every Female who has puppies at  Brookside or in our             " In-Home Breeding Program"  is in a loving home as a pet first and foremost. Most are brought to our home to birth as you and I would go to the hospital. All births are under my supervision and coordination in my living room or bedroom. All birth in my home but return to their HOME after puppies are no longer in need of nursing from them and they show little to no interest in spending any time with them (around 6-7 weeks). Most Mom dogs start separation around 4.5 - 5 weeks of age. This is a natural process to help pups adjust to independence. Usually by six weeks the mom has completely separated herself from them only checking in occasionally to be sure they are ok or to play with them for a short while.(and eat their food)  Each and every puppy is raised with love and individual attention around kids and other pets. Mom's are pampered too.There is not a dog associated with Brookside who does not sleep on the furniture and live with their people 24/7. A special thanks to my dear friends and family below who have made this possible.

 If you are interested in being a part of our extended family Please email us at 

Heather belongs to


     Multi Championed pedigree         Multi Ch Crystal (16 lbs)

    Ch sire/dam Bertie (13 lbs)


 Dawn belongs to


 Multi Championed pedigree       Multi Ch  Mona Lisa (18 lbs)

 Ch sired/dam Jack (16 lbs)


Kelly belongs to


  Multi CH  Dixie (12 lbs)               


Jean belongs to


   Multi CH   Lilly  (13 lbs)                     Multi CH     Luna (14lbs)


Kathy belongs to


       INT Champion Jazzy    (16 lbs)              Multi CH   Kathrine   (15 lbs)

      Multi Championed pedigree         Her Daughter is now pointed in the AKC shows


Lisa belongs to


    CH Ollie   (14 lbs)     Ginger  (12 lbs)        CH Nemo(14lbs)        


Shelby belongs to


 Multi Ch Cami  (13 lbs)


Karen belongs to

Multi CH Zoey (13 lbs)



Kathrine belongs to 

Multi CH   Sophie (13 lbs)






 If you have any questions, just send me an email.  We're happy to answer questions as we want placements to be perfect for buyer and puppy.  There are no gimmicks.  What you see is what you get and we feel transparency is critical with any breeder.  We offer some of the best Cavaliers in the Northeast with the best guarantee available too. Our dogs live in our home as pets that we breed as a hobby.  We pride ourselves on the beautiful CKCS that decorate our home and bring so much joy to families over New England, the US and abroad. Our breeding program has an emphasis on health, temperament and conformation.  We do not have all of our dogs on site.  Some of our dogs live with family and friends which is invaluable to us. We're grateful to these families because it makes it possible for us to conduct a humane operation.  Our breeding protocol allows the dogs to live their lives as pets their entire lives, while allowing us the option of continuing lines that we've worked with for years without compromising their comfort and contentment.  There are several beautiful dogs that continue our lines.  The dogs come back to us once a year to be bred.  The puppies are hand raised by us in our home. Once the litter is raised, the parent dog returns to their home and the puppies are placed with loving families. Our dogs are placed free of charge with the right to breed throughout the course of his/her life.  Females are on a 2-3 litter contract and males are on annual contracts as it's not the same physical investment of pregnancy and whelp.  We have found this to be the most indefectible breeding model to preserve lines, avoid "retirement" re-homing with age and ensure a happy life for every dog.  We have been pioneers in this breeding standard and hope that one day all breeders will also adopt a similar philosophy and prototype.