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Quotes Diamond and Chevy are awesome! We have all become a happy family here. I just have to tell you, we are totally in love with both of them. They are wonderful, kind, sweet, smart, beautiful, amazing dogs. Thank you Bo! It hasn't yet been a month and it feels like they've been part of our lives for so much longer than that. We are really happy. Chevy and Diamond are great, and I am so glad they came together. You were so wise to suggest Diamond for us too. I know Chevy is much happier than he would have been here without her. They are wonderful dogs. Its just the right situation for us. Thank you Bo! Quotes
Laboy family
older dog adoptee MA

Quotes Bo was fantastic as a breeder and caregiver to these wonderful dogs. We brought our little Brawley home just after Christmas as a companion to our other cavalier Sophie. They have become the best of friends and Sophie is much happier to have such an energetic little puppy to play with. Brookside Cavaliers is a wonderful place to go for a great family pet and the puppies come out of their whelping stage perfectly adjusted to home life rather than a kennel setting like most breeders. Both Bo and her daughter were great in getting Brawley ready for his new home. Quotes
Cavalier Mom MA

Quotes My family's new addition arrived this January. Having known Bo and her other pets for over a decade, we were pleased to learn she was breeding these wonderful dogs. During Joules' pregnancy and subsequent whelping, we consistently noticed the attention and love lavished on the dogs in her home. Bonnie has transitioned into a home with two cats, a German Shepard, four adults, and an almost three year old granddaughter without any problems. She is a joy, and continues to delight and surprise us every day. Having a dog I will be able to bring with me everywhere is a blessing since my surgery. Thank you, Bo, and keep up the good work. Quotes
Bonnie's mom MA

Quotes We are very happy with Elvis and very impressed with Bo. Elvis is the cutest puppy and has made himself quite at home already. Bo has been terrific through the entire process. She responded to all of our questions with answers and responses that were thoughtful and informative. The postings and pictures were a great way to watch the puppies grow until they were ready to go. I know that we will stay in touch with Bo because she knows so much about the breed and is always willing to answer a question. I would definately recommend Brookside to anyone looking for a Cavalier. Quotes
The Farrow Family
new puppy family MA

Quotes We lost our beloved pet to cancer in November. I was grieving and I wanted another dog to love. Not only was Bo very sympathetic, she was wonderful to talk to, she understood what it is like to lose a beloved friend.. She also kept us updated on Nikki throughout the entire process. She sent us pictures as Nikki grew. And when it was time to pick her up Bo made sure we had all the information we needed including "how to" instructions. Even though we had other dogs we hadn't had a puppy in many years and she went over basic training techniques & told us how to make Nikki's transition as calm as possible. Nikki is a beautiful, healthy puppy with a wonderful personality. Thank you Bo for everything, you are great. Quotes
Bo is the Best MA

Quotes Hey Bo I want to thank you for helping with the rescue with my mothers dog. I know it was hard being around Christmas but her death was hard for me and you holding her cavalier till I could get it was awesome. Thanks Brian Quotes

Quotes Bo you are the best. I love this little girl so much. Duchess is the perfect dog. I cant go anywhere with out someone commenting on how beautiful she is. You have made an old lady very happy. All my best Ellen Quotes
Ellen Muse
new puppy owner MA

Quotes "As first-time puppy buyers, we spent endless months looking for a breeder who was knowledgeable, reasonable, and friendly. Upon finding Brookside Cavaliers, we were lucky enough to meet and take home the last puppy of his litter, Dunkin (aka Patch). One aspect that made our experience so positive was Brookside Cavalier's numerous photo updates on the website, that way we could watch our new puppy grow despite the fact that we lived an hour away. Bo was also very quick to answer all of our questions, and helped us prepare for the day we brought Dunkin home as well as answer questions we had afterwards. Dunkin is an excellent puppy who is extremely smart, quick to learn, curious, and what we like to call a "lovebug." He's eager to go anywhere with us, whether it's out on the boat, to the beach, ice fishing, or just relaxing on the couch. He is exactly what we expected plus more. His personality has us laughing all the time, and he is truly a joy to have in our home. -Lauren and Mike" Quotes
Lauren and Mike
new puppy family MA
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