Brookside Cavalier

from our home to yours


Quotes Bo - it's been 5 weeks since we picked up Ellie from you and we, as a family, could not be happier. She fits in very well with us. My two granddaughters, ages 4 and 18 months, just love her and she is quite gentle with them. We have been training her to sit/stay and she is very attentive and listens well. I never had a Cavalier before, but did quite a bit of research before contacting you and everything we read about them as far as intelligence and eager to please etc. is so true. She is so friendly and loves to be with us. Thank you for being so patient in answering all of our questions and I'm sure we will be in touch with you again in the future to get a "friend" for Ellie! Best of luck and keep up the good work of breeding Cavaliers. You do a great job! Quotes
Kathy K.
Ellie's Mom!

Quotes So Teddy is wonderful, sleeps quietly for the most part in his crate at night- holds all bathroom duties til morning-11:15pm untl 5 am --most impressive! During the day at work from 7:15 until 11ish-no accidents-and again til noonish til 5:30 He checked out well. Overall-he is absolutely wonderful and a huge hit here at Angel Animal Center... Oh the problems of being so popular. Quotes
Jeanne and Mark
Xray tech at Angel Animal medical Center

Quotes Hi Bo! Well, after one week Clara and I are settling in just fine. She is so sweet and adorable ~ and as you predicted, she follows me from room to room. I allow her to sleep on the couch during the day, so she definitely thinks she is a queen on her throne up there, ha, ha! Thank you SO much for letting me adopt her. Since I'm home most of the day she is so much company and when I'm stuck inside this winter it will be really nice to have a lovable, snuggly doggie with me. Thanks again ~ and we will stay in touch! Anne : ) Quotes
Clara's new mom

Quotes The health and disposition of our puppy was of utmost importance to us. I did my research into breeders near and far (including Canada) and the path led us to Bo of Brookside Cavalier. Bo and I started talking 8 months before Samantha was born. My husband and I followed her development through her first weeks & months with photos and words sent regularly by Bo.Samantha is an absolute joy. Her happy temperament and disposition keeps us laughing with her antics.Two very experienced dog-trainers in Ottawa recently cemented our views.They asked where Samantha was from as they had not seen such a beautiful cavalier in optimum health with such an unfaltering happy and joyful disposition.We were told we could not have done better in finding a responsible breeder.Congratulations Bo! Quotes
Nicole Samanthas mom
happy Cavalier mom

Quotes I just want to thank you so very much for thinking of me when you called me about the liitle black and tan puppy (Gwen). We have had her for 2 weeks today. We just love her. She is so sweet. We named her Melina. She is spoiled. She's in her Martha Stewart bed at the moment taking a nap. She has toys all around her. She is loved. Thanks again. Wishing you the best with your upcoming litters. Quotes
happy pup mom of Melina

Quotes On Sept 3rd we picked up our new family member Contessa. She has been fantastic and is already sleeping through the night in her crate. She is so delightful. Bo was fantastic through the whole process. We had been given names of a few breeders and I contacted one who sent me to Bo because of the particular puppy we saw. Bo called right away and was informative and honest. I spoke to her vet and she was terrific and said such good things about Bo. Contessa is the hit of the neighborhood both young and old fans. I recommend Bo to anyone. She is terrific. I already have a few people asking me how to get a puppy like Tessie and I will point them right to Bo when they decide The Couture Family Quotes
The Couture Family
Contessa's loving family MA

Quotes I got Buddy a few months ago from Bo at Brookside Cavalier and I am LOVING every minute with Buddy. Bo did not rush my family to make a decision and she answered all our questions thoroughly. Buddy has really adapted to my family and is now a member of the family. He is starting to get used to car rides and is already fantastic at telling us when he has to go out. It seemed like he was trained at an early age on how to "Sit" and we are now working on "Stay" and "Down" and "Leave It". He has got such a great personality. I couldn't ask for a better dog. Quotes
Mark Cohen
Buddy's satisfied Father

Quotes My husband and I knew almost nothing about raising a puppy and very little about Cavaliers, except that they were adorable dogs with good temperaments. From the first phone call with Bo, she was helpful and knowledgeable about her Cavalier puppies and Cavaliers in general. Throughout the entire process, Bo was kind, thoughtful, thorough, and honest. She even helped us name our little boy, Stanley! The day we picked him out, the Bruins won the Stanley Cup! Being huge Bruins fans, we knew the name was perfect! And Stanley is the perfect addition to our family. He is sweet, healthy, friendly, and affectionate, but also very smart and easy to train. He's very popular in our neighborhood. He has made more dog friends (and people friends) in one month than we have in four years. He is now 13 weeks old and has learned to sit, lay down, and come. He's currently working on heeling and loves our training sessions. We are so happy with Stanley and very delighted with our experience. Quotes
Irene Boston Ma
Stanley's Mom

Quotes Bo..Thank you so much for Oscar's excellent breeding. He is doing very well, loves everyone, and believe me everyone is in love with him. So glad I picked Oscar, can't image being with out him. Wilma Quotes
Wilma from Connecticut
Oscars mom

Quotes I could not be happier! I got Charlie in May and we have been best friends since. He was comfortable right away. While we are still potty training, his affection and bright personality make the challenges of owning an active puppy so worthwhile. Bo was an excellent companion in Charlie's transition to my home. She is very attentive to what the dogs need, as well as how to handle them in the first 72 hours. She is very available and gives great advice. I recommend everyone to Brookside Cavalier! Quotes
Very happy owner of Charlie