Brookside Cavalier

from our home to yours


Quotes Hi Bo, Chelsea is doing great, she loves her crate primarily used for sleeping, she weighs 5.5 lbs, was easily potty trained, and loves the beach. She is so much company, I absolutely adore her. When I am at work she goes to her Nana's house where she is very much at home. She has lots of company and has great social skills with people and other dogs that she meets at the beach. When the weather was warmer she loved to go in the water, if only to the top of her legs. Quotes
Chelsea's Mom NH

Quotes Hi Bo, I can't believe that you still don't have pictures of my beautiful Molly. Soon............... Molly attended my daughter's college graduation from Hartwick in NY and she never made a sound. She was better behaved that a lot of the adults. She goes everywhere with us and people love her. She's so sweet and loving, I feel - I should say we feel - so lucky to have her. Everyone has bonded with her. We have been going to puppy classes, she loves all the people but not so sure about all the dogs. My son just bought his house (finally) and keeps telling me that she going with him when he finishes getting it ready --- - not a chance! I told him to make sure he has your number. Quotes
Molly's mom
proud property of a cavalier

Quotes Hi Bo, Just wanted you to know how Duffy is doing. He is now 11weeks old, cute as he can be, and a 100% adorable puppy. Remarkably, he has slept through the night (8 hours) since day one, and I thank you for your excellent care and start-up training. He is sociable, loving, mischievous, stubborn, smart and continues to delight me. Although he still has a few potty accidents each day, I am now trained to recognize his signals. He's madly in love with me, as I am with him. Quotes
Duffy's Mom

Quotes My son and Romeo are quite a pair. They are super cute together. Just finished puppy class & will start obedience after school break. He really loves him-they have a bunch of silly sounds that they make to each other. It's very funny. We are in FL this week but back next weekend. If your travels bring you near Brunswick and you'd like to stop in please do. Quotes
Sampson DVM
Romeo's family

Quotes We could not be happier... Skylar has been a tremendous addition to the family... She is very healthy, awesome disposition and is finally fully house broken. She loves the backyard running around with the kids, napping on her pillow like a queen and her Honey Badger stuffed toy... Oh what a joy. Thanks again, you were so great and responsive to work with. Quotes
the Cushmans
Skylar's family

Quotes Hi Bo, I took Molly to her appointment and she's now 5 lbs. She is such a joy. Everyone is in love with her. She has lots of spirit and energy. Everywhere we go people want to know all about her. We are so grateful to have her. Hope all your Cavaliers are well and that your little "Bugsy" her sister is as joyful as Molly. Quotes
Gail and family
Mollys mom

Quotes Sebastian is doing great, he adjusted well. Potty training is going great. We couldn't ask for a better pup. He's very playful and lovable. He likes to bite and not lick but hopefully we will nip that in the bud soon enough. I took him to the vet today. They said he was perfect. Everyone loved him. Quotes
Penza family
Sebastians Family

Quotes Hi Bo, I want to thank you for such a wonderful dog! I have never enjoyed or loved a pet more than I do our Henry. He has become such a big part of our family and fits right in with us!. I base that on your wonderful breeding and the quality bloodlines he came from. I cannot imagine our lives without him! Henry is 9 months now and is spoiled rotten! He sleeps in between us under the covers and is always on someone's lap or curled up with our other dogs. Quotes
Kinsman Family
Henry's family

Quotes Hi Bo, Just wanted to write and tell you what a bundle of joy Bella has been. Everyone thinks she is just the cutest dog! From the first night, she was introduced to her crate and loves it. She sleeps most of the night in there and we wake her up one or twice to go to the bathroom during the night. She is a hyper little dog when she wants to be. Running around, loves shoe laces, and loves playing with her toys. She does tend to bite a lot, but I assume it's because she is teething. When she gets tired though, boy can that dog sleep. It's almost scary how she can almost sleep through anything.Thanks for everything! I have to say you did a great job raising her the first couple months. She loves her cage and has only had a couple minimal accidents in the house. She will almost always go to her litter box when nature calls.Thanks again! Quotes
Peter and Audra
Bella's family

Quotes Hi Bo.......... Here we are with our little "Maizy", and what a sweet little girl she is!! Maizy has been a joy to us since we lost our Matty this past summer. She seemed to adapt from day one and she is not shy :). Maizy just loves to play with all her toys, rests while we are at work and is in a wonderful routine already. Since we've had such a wonderful winter she has been able to run, run, run in her yard and loves that too!! We are almost there with potty training too. We will keep you posted on her progress and send more pictures too!! Thank you for raising such great, great puppies. Quotes
Joan and Bob
Maizy's proud parents