Brookside Cavalier

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Quotes Hi Bo, just an update on our boys. There both doing great! I think Louie is thrilled with his new baby brother Howie. They get along super good and love to play and cuddle. It was defiantly the right choice to get a playmate for our Louie. It was love at first meeting, for all of us. Thanks to you we're one big furry happy family! Michelle & Chuck Quotes
Michelle & Chuck
Our Brookside boys

Quotes Some words on Luna: She is a such a joy! Its only been a few months and I can't imagine life without her. Thanks Bo and dogs for leading me to Luna! Quotes
Luna's mom

Quotes Brookside Cavalier Hi Bo, We just wanted to let you know that we love our Lily and she has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is a little cuddlebug and her favorite thing after playing is to curl up in someone's lap and take a nap! Thank you for helping us through the process! Quotes
Lily's Mom

Quotes Hi Bo! We cannot believe our Archie is almost 1 year old! Since we brought him home last May he has been a perfect little boy. Potty training was a snap and his health has been excellent. We could tell that he had been lovingly cared for until he had his forever family. We also appreciated your expertise and support when we had questions about the breed and raising a puppy in general. He is adored by our family and friends and Jon and I cannot imagine our life without him. Jon refers to him as the "Prince of Pups" and believe me, he is treated like royalty in our home. He is playful and loves our walks in the woods but is also very anxious to show us some love by curling up in our laps and giving kisses. He is a healthy, handsome and happy little (13 lbs.) Ruby boy. Thank you for such a wonderful little puppy to love. Archie sends his love! If we decide to give him a brother or sister, we will be in touch ;) Jan and Jon Quotes
Jan and Jon Hurst
Proud Mommy and Daddy to Archie

Quotes Hi Bo. Teddy is 11months old now. My husband and I have been married for 20 years and Teddy is our first pet. When I decided to get a dog I investigated all different breeds. I must say I am so happy I pick a cavalier. Teddy is the best dog EVER!! Teddy slept through the night from the first night. He was house trained in just a few weeks. Teddy has the sweetest personality, he is very health and happy. He loves children and other dogs. When we go for a walk down the park he has to stop and meet everyone. I recommend Brookside Cavaliers to everyone who asks about my dog. Thank you Bo Teddy's Mom Quotes
Sue garland
Restaurant owner

Quotes Hi Bo! We saw Dr. Meaney this morning. She was just as nice as you told me she would be. Jasper did great. He was 4 lbs. 3 ozs. He is such a love and a wild and crazy boy. He knows how to have fun. He loves his toys (the human ones, too)! Thank you so much for providing us with such a healthy pup! Also, thank you for supporting me through this puppy acquisition and listening to my previous horror story. We live and learn. Looking forward to a new chapter with Jasper and watching his own personality unfold. Thanks, again Quotes
Jasper's mom

Quotes Lily is healthy and happy. She loves the snow and buries her nose in it with her little bum up in the air. If she didn't have black spots on her I wouldn't have been able to see her in the snow when it first snowed. Quotes
Lily's Mom

Quotes I'm glad we waited to get another one, Cisco is awesome and I'm glad he gets all the attention from our family! you were amazing with him because he is the most well adjusted, happy puppy and he is great with our kids!!!!! Quotes
Cisco's Mom MA

Quotes You're always so crazy busy! Hope your little one is ok, Elroy and cooper are buddy's cooper drives him crazy but they sleep together, have to say I put a life jacket on cooper he swam around the entire boat funniest damn thing I ever saw he is the coolest little dog. Everybody loves him!!! Quotes
Cooper and Elroy's Mom Ma

Quotes Hi Bo Just wanted to touch base and tell you how Nicos is doing. We went to vet today and she said everything looks great. He has been such a joy. He is such a cutie!! Surprisingly he has been pretty much sleeping through the night. He is 3.25 lbs which is great. I think u said he was 2.6 when you last weighed him. He is eating great and we just adore him. Thanks for all you did Best regards, Nico's family Quotes
Alli and Steve
Nico's family