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Quotes Hi Bo. Just checking your site again. Bailey Grace in now 3 and such a lovely little girl. Our two cocker spaniel took a minute to welcome her but they now all snuggle together. I love having a smaller dog that I can pick up easy. She never learned to jump so it's easy to control what pieces of furniture she sits on. She is so sweet and has a wonderful personality. Quotes
Kim Curtis

Quotes Hello Bo, I am so grateful that my daughter and husband discovered your site and were fortunate enough to be contacted to receive a puppy this past Dec. From the moment, my sweet little boy arrived, he stole my heart. I didn't think I would ever love another dog the way I loved my first King Charles, Riley, whom we had for 13 years (he passed away last April). I was wrong. Brody with his long white eyelashes, bright brown eyes, and gorgeous markings, is absolutely adorable. What truly makes him special is his sweet disposition, curious nature, playfulness, and his endearing way of making each person he meets feel like they are the best, most important human being on earth! I am smitten and so in love. Thank you for the wonderful work you do and the care you take in providing puppies that are healthy, happy, and beautiful! Quotes
Kathy Bousquet
Brody's mom

Quotes Hi Bo, Just want to let you know that At 6 months old Sam the Intrepid explorer is the perfect puppy for us! He is active, loves to investigate anything and everything, he loves to swim, go for long walks and play fetch. he is so tolerant of people, and only wants to please. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting Sam into our lives. Quotes
Sam's mom

Quotes Hi Bo, just thought I would let you know Jack Frost is doing great. You are right, he is very easy to potty train. He got the hang of it real quick. Only 2 accidents and I caught him mid pee. I can tell exactly when he has to go and get him outside in time. The key is to never take your eyes off him if he is not in the crate. We love him so much. He has already bonded with us and is very loving. We are so very happy. He is sound asleep on my lap as I write this. Thank you, have a great holiday. Quotes
Warmly, Claire
proud pup parent

Quotes Hi Bo, Henry had a very busy afternoon and evening yesterday! What a good boy...The kids had him playing on the lawn for quite a while, then he snuggled in his crate, without complaint and slept until 5 this morning! I was a little concerned he didn't eat hardly anything yesterday, but this morning he was right there with his bowl and water...guess he has lots of learning to do, and of course getting acclimated to his new home. He played hard for about an hour this morning, ate, drank, then took some of his toys, put them on his special blanket and is zonked out! Thank you so much, we are all madly in love with him. Best, Kim Quotes
Kim and family
Henry's MOM

Quotes Hey Bo! Can't say enough about you and your wonderful cavaliers. The two girls you have blessed me with have become the loves of our lives! And being able to share in the breeding and whelping and raising the little ones with them and with you is a very special thing for me. Your furbabies have such sweet dispositions, happy and fun attitudes and they are so very intelligent!! So thankful I found you!! Teri Quotes
Nikki, Dixie, Pebbles

Quotes Hi Bo, I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that Lucy is doing very well. She is a sweetheart, sometimes disguised as a devil, and we love her with all of our hearts. She and Frankie, my 8 year-old female cocker spaniel, get along very well and play quite a lot (that is until Lucy starts biting Frankie and Frankie jumps up on the couch for safety). They are very cute together. I hope things are going good for you and that all of your dogs and pups are well and happy. Quotes
Lucy's mom

Quotes We are so grateful to Bo from Brookside Cavaliers for our beautiful King Charles Cavalier puppy, Scooter. She treats her puppies with love and care ensuring their well being and was also very patient and helpful with us. As first time puppy parents, we had a million questions and she offered much support and advice. At nearly a year old, our pup is a happy and healthy dog/boy and we are considering a second puppy. When we are ready, we won't consider getting a puppy from anyone except Brookside Cavaliers. Quotes
Jen and Rich
Scootie's mom and dad

Quotes Hi Bo I want to be sure to tell anyone who may be considering using you for their puppy that they will not be disappointed. You are so knowledgeable and conscientious and devoted to these wonderful dogs. I know that no matter what, we can always count on your help and caring with anything that comes our way , with our lovely Ting!! Ting has been such a ray of sun,since she stepped into our lives! I think it should be mandatory for everyone to own one at some point in their lives!! Bo you help bring these wonderful creatures to us and we can never thank you enough for all you do! I highly recommend you to anyone and when people ask me, I always tell them to come and see you and get one too!! Thanks for bringing such joy to us all! Ashley Quotes
Ting's mom

Quotes Hi everyone, We purchased a cavalier in September and immediately fell in love with him. We have been "big dog" people having owned many St Bernards and labs for 30 years. We didn't want a yappy little dog. Boy was I wrong. Having researched the breed we found that cavaliers were different and we were not disappointed with the dog we adopted from Brookside. He and our chocolate lab have become such pals. He has brought us much enjoyment and we are thinking of getting another. Anyone interested in cavalier ownership from Brookside will not be disappointed. Quotes
Cabbey's mom
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